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Baby Room (Birth - approx 2 years)

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Our independent Baby Room is large, open-plan areas that give your child the space they need while they are finding their feet. The Baby room is designed specifically so all the prime area developments are covered but still having plenty of space and ensuring your child has lots of fun at  nursery.


Care is personalised to the needs of every single baby which is one of the many services we provide to parents when they first start nursery, by requesting detailed information in regards to your home routine so we can make your babies transition into nursery smooth and pleasant.


This stability of care enables your baby to settle very quickly and become part of our loving and family environment.


There is a large open planned double room, which enables babies to enjoy different, closely supervised activities during the day.


Every day is a new adventure to allow your baby to learn, explore, get messy and also to have some quiet time.


So that you don't miss out on what your baby has enjoyed during their day, we provide all babies under 18 months a DAILY BABY PLANNER that has been completed by their key person detailing all the activities they have enjoyed, the meal they have eaten, nappy changes and when they have had a nap.

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"Staff stay close to babies to provide them with the comfort and support they need."

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