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Toddler Room (2 - 3 years)

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Our Toddler Rooms offer the ideal environment for inquisitive children to have lots of fun and learn new skills. The prime areas which were introduced in the Baby Room are built upon and developed further. The rooms are organised in a way that provides plenty of opportunity to learn and have fun throughout the day.


Children can explore and choose from a wide range of activities to support their learning, this is organised also through plenty of focused activities and child initiative play.




Areas include:

* Floor play area

* Messy play area

* Story / Quiet area

* Construction and Small World area

* Home corner

* Free flow garden play


As required by the Early Year Foundation Stage curriculum, staff carry out daily observations to assess each child's progress against the learning goals and put together action plan and individual learning strategies to help them develop the skills they need.


A nursery routine is followed in the Toddler Room and every day they enjoy breakfast, circle time, a range of child-led and staff-led activities, lunch rest, and more activities. Children can also enjoy plenty of fun in the safe and secure garden.


A nap is provided for those toddlers who day has been adventurous and just need that extra rest.


As your child is likely to be toilet training at this age, we have en-suite child sized toilets and changing area in one room that allows an easy transition from nappy to toilet.


We understand how important it is to reward children and there are reward charts specifically for toilet training.


You can’t help but notice how quickly your child learns and develops quickly at this age – and we at Fatemah Nursery are committed to working closely with you so that your child reaches their potential.






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"Staff provide countless opportunities for toddlers to extend the topics that they enjoy learning about."

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