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Food & Nutrition

Food is fuel and here at Fatemah Nursery and we provide fresh, home-cooked dishes every single day. Our qualified and experienced chefs prepare well-balanced meals that provide all the nutrients children need to stay in good and healthy condition.

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We believe that it is not only the food that our children eat that encourages good behavior but also the way the food is served and eaten. We encourage good table manners and eating habits with the children as we find that even the fussiest of eaters become good eaters when they sit with their friends and carers.

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We provide breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks in between the meals.


Fresh fruit is always available and is offered regularly at meal and snack time.


Individual dietary requirements are respected using information gathered from parents regarding their children’s dietary needs including any allergies. Where appropriate we will carry out a risk assessment in the case of allergies and work alongside parents to put into place an individual dietary plan for their child.


We provide foods from the diet of each of the children’s cultural and religious backgrounds, providing children with familiar foods and introducing them to new ones. Cultural differences in eating habits are respected.


Special dietary needs based on cultural and religious values is respected and fully taken into account when planning meals for the children.

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Our experience cooks ensure that the provision of food within the Nursery is done to the highest standards through:


  • Proficient management of the nursery kitchen, including stock control.


  • Awareness of nutritional guidelines for the early years.


  • Possession of the required Food Hygiene and Health & Safety certificates.


  • Liaising with parents and staff over individual child’s needs and dietary requirements.


  • Interacting with children to promote and encourage healthy form and early age.


  • Preparing dishes which celebrate cultural diversity and festive traditions. Using their own innovative ideas in creative cooking and baking for children.


  • Responding to feedback from children, staff and parents on menu choices.

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Our kitchens have the highest Health & Safety 5* rating.

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